Project Description

N°1 ‘Giftwrap’ headpiece


N°2  ‘Breathe Me’ flower

‘Giftwrap’ headpiece

N°3 ‘Unwrap- Me’ turband

‘Unwrap- Me’ – detail

N°4 ‘Personally’ flower scarf


‘Breathe Me’ – detail


‘Giftwrap’ – detail


N°5 ‘Sheer Beauty’ – nude ribbon

 ‘Sheer Beauty’ – nude ribbon

N°6 ‘Fluff Bougainvillea’ headpiece

La fleur

‘Fluff Bougainvillea’

‘Fluff Bougainvillea’ – detail

N°7 ‘Les Bonbon’ hairpins

‘Les Bonbon’ –  detail

N°8 ‘Sheer Fancy Flowers’ headpiece

‘Sheer Fancy Flowers’ – detail

N°9 ‘Fringe and treasure’ Ribbon

N°10 ‘Le Cadeau’ mega bow

N°11 ‘Natural Porcelain’ SCRUNCHY headband

‘At first sight’ detail

‘Natural Porcelain’ SCRUNCHY

N°12 ‘At first sight’ tiara

‘At First Sight’ detail

N°13 ‘Pour Toi’ headscarf

‘Pour Toi’ headscarf

‘Le Cadeau’ mega bow

‘Flower Milkshake’

N°14 ‘Trop Jolie’ bow

‘Trop Jolie’ – detail

N°15 ‘Love Letter’ headpiece

‘Love Letter’


‘Love Letter’ headpiece

N°16 ‘Le Ritual’- double headpiece

‘Le Ritual’- detail

N°17 ‘UNBOXME’- Ribbon

‘Trop Jolie’ bow – detail

‘Love Letter’ – detail

Noir – ‘Sheer beauty’

N°18 Noir – ‘Sheer beauty’ ribbon

N°20 ‘Fermez Tes Yeux’ turban

‘Fermez Tes Yeux’ – detail

N°21 ‘Write Me a Poem’ sailor hat

‘Write Me a Poem’- detail

‘Fermez Tes Yeux’

‘Personally’ – detail

‘Pour Toi’ – detail

‘Personally’ flower scarf

‘Giftwrap’ – Fin

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I designed this collection while packing my life in dozens of boxes before moving to Paris. I was surrounded with cardboard boxes, duct tape and wrapping materials. I’ve always had a thing for brown cardboard boxes and their esthetics. I love them!

The inspiration for designing the collection is drawn from the feeling you get when you untie a ribbon. The focus and importance of packaging, putting effort in the embellishment and the wrapping of objects. The “Unboxing” act becoming the main event.
I thought about how interesting it would be to pack a bow ribbon inside a box instead of out. The ribbon- an embellishment normally meant for decorating, now becomes the piece itself, an object that needs to be giftwrapped.
Each of these exclusive bridal pieces is handcrafted with great attention to detail, using top of the line silk, lace, pearls and Swarovsky crystals. All pieces are hand embroidered with original techniques , in the purpose of forming a light, beautiful and effortless selection of headpieces.
This collection celebrates the wrapping and unwrapping, the packing and the unpacking, the gifting and receiving.


Photography: Michael Topyol

Style and concept: Tami Bar-Lev

Hair: Or Levi

Make-up: Netta Szekely

Model: Mai Zachor

Garments: Studio V , Petit pois

Headpiece Design: Tami Bar-Lev

Studio: Olga Kholodova

props: Racheli Bar-Lev