Project Description

N°1 ‘Pina Colada’ Turban

Pina Colada

N°2 ‘Luau’

N°3 ‘Mini Luau’

N°4 ‘Mai Tai’

N°5 ‘Hula Turban’


N°6 ‘Maui’ trilby

N°7 Orange ‘Hawiian’ Hibiscus

N°8 ‘Play The Ukulele’

N°9 ‘Mini Mai Tai’

N°10 ‘Teresa Kokomo’ boater


‘Teresa Kokomo’ boater

N°11 White ‘Hibiscus Lei’ hat

N°12 Red ‘Hawiian’ Hibiscus

N°13 ‘Tiki Turban’

N°14 ‘Mini Barbi’

White ‘Hibiscus Lei’ hat

‘Mini Mai Tai’

N°15 ‘Honolulu’


‘Put the Lime in the Coconut’

N°16 ‘Put the Lime in the Coconut’


N°17 ‘Tropic Tiara’

N°18 ‘On The Barbi’

‘On The Barbi’

N°19 ‘Caribian’ Eye-patch

N.20 Red ‘Hibiscus Lei’ hat


‘Pina Colada’ Turban

N°22 ‘Hula Bride’

N°23 ‘Aloha Bride’

Aloha Bride’

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Memories of an exotic vacation that had never actually happened.
Dreaming of the perfect ‘escape’ to a tropical island overwhelming with wonderful tropical clichés.
Like the American dream vacation in Hawaii, inspired by the Elvis movie- “Blue Hawaii” and the Beach Boys song “Kokomo” mentioning: “Tropical drink melting in your hand” and “cocktails and moonlit nights”.

The collection consists of fun resort-like hats and head pieces, for day and evening, capturing the essence of this paradise. There are straw hats, silk turbans, Hibiscus headbands and floral silk tiaras, with rich bead and sequins embroideries.

Although probably unreal or fantastic or….. far as it may be from reality, the cliché images woven together create an experience: coconut trees, little umbrellas in your drink,  clear waters, white sand, pineapples, hula dancing and flower garlands.
So do YOU like Pina coladas?


Photography: Asaf Einy

Stylist and Art Director: The Visionary – Natasha Nataly Izchucov

Hair, Make-up & spirit: Dana Kfir

Super Model: Sarah Eller

Queen of the Set: Natasha Nataly 1.25 Izchucov

Production Guidance: Maayan Goldman

Marketing Management Support: Chen Cohen

literary Consultant: Danna Yarzin

Graphic Design: Nitzan Friedman

Legal Adviser & muse: Yael Plitman

House Model & Chef: Ran Brauner