Project Description

N°1 ‘First Aid’ band


N°2 ‘In Vein’ Halo

‘First Aid’ band – detail

‘In Vein’ Halo – detail

N°3 ‘Recover’ Turban

N°4 ‘Blue Jeans’ Headpiece


‘Recover’ Turban

‘Recover’ – Bracelets

 ‘Blue Jeans’ detail

N°5 ‘Chili Pepper’ Headband

N°6  ‘Evil Eye’ Headband

N°7  ‘Cure’ TurBand

‘Chili Pepper’ – detail

‘Cure’  Silk TurBand

N°8 ‘Rose Requiem’ Tiara

‘Dying Rose’

‘Rose Requiem’ Tiara – detail

‘Blue Jeans’ – detail

N°9 Denim ‘TIKI’ Flower Piece

Denim ‘TIKI’ Flower Piece

‘Morning Pills’

N°10 ‘Become a Nurse’ Kepi Hat

‘Become a Nurse’ – detail

N°11 ‘Chill Pill’ TurBand

‘Chill Pill’ TurBand – detail

N°12 ‘Bless You’ Cap – detail

N°13 Black ‘Fancy Bow’ – detail

‘Day and Night’

N°14 ‘Frida Azul’ floral piece

‘Frida Azul’ – detail

N°15 ‘Band Aids & Roses’ Tiara

N°16 ‘In Vein’ Bougainvillea Piece

‘Bless You’ Cap

‘In Vein’ Bougainvillea – detail


‘San Angel’ Halo – detail

N°17 Triple Black ‘Martyr’ Gerbera

‘Dead Rose’

N°18 ‘San Angel’ halo

N°19 ‘X-Ray’ Bougainvillea

‘X-Ray’ Bougainvillea – detail

N°20 Black ‘Martyr’ Gerbera Duet


N°21 ‘Rest in Peace’ Hat – detail

‘Band Aids & Roses’- detail

N°22 ‘Bed Rest’ Tiara – detail

N°23  ‘X-Ray’ Beret

‘X-Ray’ Beret- detail

Black ‘Martyr’ Gerbera Duet – detail

‘Rose Requiem’ Tiara

Black ‘Fancy Bow’ headband

N°24 ‘Viva La Vida’ Flower Bunch piece

‘Bleeding Rose’

‘Flower I.V’

‘Viva La Vida’ Flower Bunch – detail

‘Bed Rest’ tiara

N°25 ‘Internal’ bucket hat

‘Bless You’ Cap- back detail

‘Visiting Hours’

N°26 Gauze Turban

N°27 ‘An Apple a Day’ Headpiece

‘Healthy Apples’

‘Cure’ Turband -detail

‘An Apple a Day’- detail


N°28 ‘Ouch!’ Headband

‘Ouch!’ headband

Denim ‘TIKI’ Flower – detail

‘First Aid’ band

N°29 ‘Andrea in Mourning’ – Boater Hat

‘Viva La Vida’ Flower Bunch – detail

N°30 ‘Take-Care’ Headpiece

‘Very Superstitious’

‘Rest in Peace’ Pillbox Hat

‘Red Potion’

N°31 ‘Garlic Headpiece’

‘Take-Care’ Headpiece- detail

‘Band Aid’ biscuits


Triple Black ‘Martyr’ Gerbera – detail

‘Andrea in Mourning’ – detail


The ‘FIRST AID’ collection is a series of hats and headpieces that are desirable and troubling at the same time.  Different elements associated with a ‘circle’ of injury, recovery and consolation, are woven together to create a poetic story.
In the design process, diverse visual details, related to healing and sickness, are selected as iconic symbols and clichés, and embedded in every designer piece.
You may recognize design details like leather Band-Aids, red and blue vein-like motifs, silk turbans resembling bandaging and withering red roses.
Some Mexican influences may be sensed throughout the collection, with design details inspired by visual fragments from the life of renowned artist Frida Kahlo: the process of healing and the coping with her injury, her casted body, her esthetics and surreal paintings and of course- her association with flowers and hairstyles.

The conclusion is a sort of new Surreal Reality– A portrayal of earthly authenticity and a heavenly comfort.

There is definitely something conceptual and avant-garde about the collection as a hole. But if you would zoom in and observe closely, you would find a variety of ready to wear and evening pieces that are simply fun to wear.


Photography: Michael Topyol

Style and concept: The Visionary – Natasha Nataly Izchucov

Videos: Shahar Lev

Hair: Einat Sberlo

Make-up: Ronelle Goshen

Model: Tasha Adamsky for Yuli Models

Garments: Studio V, Kav, American Apparel

Design: Tami Bar-Lev

Studio: Olga Kholodova

Consultancy: Dr. Brauner