Project Description

N°1 ‘The Chief’s Daughter’ Headpiece

Earth – Ice Cream

N°2 ‘Alula’  Feather Headpiece

N°3 ‘Gerbera’ Bonnet

‘Gerbera’ Bonnet – detail


‘The Chief’s Daughter’ – detail

N°4 ‘April Bride’  Tiara

 ‘April Bride’

‘Gold Leaf’

N°5 ‘Teepee’ Flower Crown

‘Flowers of Gold’ – detail

N°6 ‘Flower of Gold’

‘Teepee’ Flower Crown- detail

Gold Feather

‘ALULA’  Feather – detail

N°7 ‘Willow’ Back Headpiece

‘Willow’ – detail

‘April Bride’ – detail

N°8 ‘Alula’ – Flower headpiece

‘Alula’ – Flower headpiece – detail

N°9 ‘My Cold Heart’ in White

‘Golden Apple’

N°10 ‘Pure Water’ Dragonfly Crown

‘Pure Water’  – detail


N°11 ‘Sunrise Dance’ Crown

‘My Cold Heart’ in White – detail

‘Gold Flakes’

‘Sunrise Dance’ – detail

N°12 ‘Dakota’ – detail

‘Dakota’ – Pearl Headpiece


N°13 ‘Heritage’

N°14 ‘River Gold’ Tiara

N°15 ‘Sacred Bundle’

‘Sacred Bundle’ – detail


‘River Gold’ Tiara

N°16 ‘Mini Teepee’

‘River Gold’ – detail

‘DragonFly Away’ – detail

‘Mini Teepee’ – detail

N°17 ‘Anywhere the Wind Blows’


N°18 ‘Petit Branch’ – Silver

N°19 ‘Petit Branch’

N°20 ‘DragonFly Away’

‘Ice Cream’


N°21 ‘Bougainvillea Duo’

N°22 ‘In full Feather’

‘Heritage’  – detail

‘In full Feather’ – detail


The Chief’s Daughter is a collection of headpieces, designed with a delicate connection to nature. Inspiration comes from the spiritual bond with nature of the Native American culture, Combined with other forms of design eras with a true association with the natural world, such as Art Nouveau. This series consists of an ivory and white Pallet, with a touch of gold and silver shades. Feathers are used as a delicate material or as a figure of design. Tiny and delicate floral elements are embedded tenderly in some of the pieces, and dragonflies are a recurring element, creating that connection to nature. All originally hand crafted and embroidered with real pearls, Swarovski crystals and silk.


Photography: Michael Topyol

Style and art direction: The Visionary – Natasha Nataly Izchucov

Hair: Einat Sberlo

Make-up: Anat Razmovich


Model: Lenka V for MC2

Garments: Petit Pois, Dana Harel

Design and concept: Tami Bar-Lev

Studio: Olga Kholodova