Project Description

‘High By The Beach’


‘Paradise’ – detail

Petit ‘Single Rose’ comb

‘Monterey’  Rose

‘Monterey’  Rose – detail

‘Sandie’s Beach’

Petit ‘Single Rose’ comb

‘Sandie’s Beach’

‘Flirty Flowers’ Back piece

‘Flirty Flowers’ Back piece


‘Remember Me’ Headpiece

‘Prickly Cactus’

‘Prickly’ Half Tiara

‘Single Rose’ detail

‘TROPICO’ Headband

‘Swaying’  detail

‘Swaying’  Headpiece

‘Malibu’ – Bougainvillea

‘Remember Me’  – detail

‘Just Us’ Headband

‘Malibu’ – Bougainvillea deteil

‘La Jolla’ Piece


‘La Jolla’ detail

‘The Bestest’ Back piece

‘The Bestest’ – detail

‘Petit Flirty Flowers’ Comb

‘Starlit’ Headpiece – detail

‘Starlits’ Headpiece

‘The Bestest’ Back piece

‘Carmel’  TurBand

‘High By The Beach’

Telephone Line

‘Big Dreams’ Rose Crown

‘Big Dreams’ Rose Crown

‘High By The Beach’

‘Carmel’  TurBand

‘Orchids forever’ headband


‘Forever Wild’ flower crown

‘Like True Love’ – detail

‘Like True Love’ – Headpiece

‘High By The Beach’

‘Definitely Maybe’  comb

‘Santa Cruz Butterflies’ detail

‘Santa Cruz Butterflies’

‘Lush’ Tiara


‘Lush’ Tiara

‘Beauty Queen Style’ Tiara

‘Beauty Queen Style’ Tiara

‘Silver Starlets’ – detail

Rose Garden

‘Silver Starlets’ Tiara

‘Single Rose’ Headpiece


‘Beach Wave’ – detail

‘Beach Wave’ Flower piece

‘Paradise’  – detail


Walking barefoot on a sandy west-coast beach, messy hair in the light wind, white breezy gown, swaying, dancing, sunset kisses.
California dreams, beach brides, summer wine and cherry-cola.
The ‘HIGH BY THE BEACH’ collection is a series of dreamy fancy headpieces, mostly perfect for bridal wear.
Inspired by the California coastal shores and their beach-towns, the west-coast’s dynamics.   But mostly inspired by the  muse Lana Del Ray, who captures the specific essence of these places and atmosphere so purely in her music and style. While creating this collection I let myself be swept away by Lana Del Rey’s swaying music and lyrics. And also be truly Influenced by her iconic style and particular fashion statements.
You’ll see a lot of massive flower crowns and floral details, roses in particular, a recurring motif in some of Lana’s music videos and press appearances. You’ll find a sheer bow headband, some wrap styled headpieces, sheer tulle  elements, nude, blush and silver tones, and a hint of peach colors, all consistent of a beach wedding mood.


Photography: Michael Topyol

Style and art: The Visionary – Natasha Nataly Izchucov

Hair: Einat Sberlo

Make-up: Keren Shaham

Model: Romi Pavoncello for ITM Models

Garments: Hazan Zukerman, Petit Pois

Design and concept: Tami Bar-Lev

Studio: Olga Kholodova

Telephon Prop: Story Online