Project Description

N°1 ‘Nothing But The Best’

Nothing But the Best- VIDEO

N°2  ‘Flowers in My Hair’


‘Flowers in My Hair’

‘Flowers in My Hair’ -detail

N°3 ‘Half Bougaivillea Branch’

‘Half Bougaivillea Branch’- detail

‘Flowers in My Hair’

N°4 ‘Breathe Me’ Lace Luxury Headpiece

‘Nothing But The Best’-detail

N°5 ‘Don’t be Shay’

‘Don’t be Shay’- detail

N°6 ‘Luxury Floral Corona’

‘Luxury Floral Corona’- detail


N°7 ‘Life’s a Beach’

‘Breathe Me’ Lace Luxury Headpiece


‘Life’s a Beach’-detail

‘Crystal Twinkle’ Corona- detail

N°8 ‘Crystal Twinkle’ Corona

N°9 ‘Petite Crystal Twinkle’

‘Petite Crystal Twinkle’- detail

‘Don’t be Shay’

N°10 ‘Naomi’s Garden’


N°11 ‘Blossom whisper’

N°12 ‘I Dream of Georgette’


N°13 ‘My Cold Heart’

‘My Cold Heart’- detail

N°14 ‘Fancy Flowers’


‘Graceful- Lilya’- detail

‘Fancy Flowers’ detail

N°15 ‘Graceful- Lilya’

N°16 ‘My Precious’

N°17 ‘Boho- Delight’

‘Boho- Delight’- detail

N°18 ‘Another Boho Soul’

‘Another Boho Soul’- detail

‘Baby Shrimp Cake’

‘Blossom whisper’- detail

N°19 ‘Caesar in Lace’

‘Caesar in Lace’- detail

N°20 ‘Piece of Heart’

‘Piece of Heart’- detail

‘Naomi’s Garden’-detail

N°21 ‘Luxe TIKI Flower’

‘Luxe TIKI Turban’- detail

‘Luxe TIKI Flower’- detail


N°22 ‘Luxe TIKI Turban’

‘My Precious’- detail


‘Butterfly Vally’- detail

N°23 ‘Butterfly Vally’

‘My Precious’

N°24 ‘In Your Dreams’ Tiara

‘Petite Blossom whisper’ -detail

N°25 ‘Petite Flower Bunch’

‘Petite Flower Bunch’

‘Flower Sandwich’

N°26 ‘Fancy Bow’ couture Headband

‘Fancy Bow’ couture Headband

N°27 ‘Petite Blossom whisper’

N°28 ‘Mini Bougainvillea’

‘Mini Bougainvillea’- detail

‘Petite Flower Bunch’- detail

N°29 ‘Fade to Blush’


The ‘Nothing But the Best’ collection is a selection of carefully designed and chosen headpieces that together create a luxurious assemblage.
The inspiration for designing the collection is drawn from all that is desirable and lavishing. Great attention was given to the curating of this selection, bringing a variety of one of a kind pieces, that are displayed together in a delicate and aristocratic ambiance.
This series consists of  a white and creamy pallet, occasionally washed with silver colors and sparkle. In some cases, a dash of pale pink or cold violate is toned in. Different shapes and floral elements are embedded throughout the collection.
Each of these exclusive bridal pieces is handcrafted with great attention to detail, using top of the line silk, lace, pearls and Swarovsky crystals.
All pieces are hand embroidered with original style, in the purpose of forming a deluxe selection of headpieces you’ve never seen before.
For YOU? Nothing but the best.


Photography: Michael Topyol

Style and concept: The Visionary – Natasha Nataly Izchucov

Videos: Shahar Lev

Hair: Einat Sberlo

Make-up: Karin Cohen

Model: Sabrina Sheffer

Garments: Idan Laros

Headpiece Design: Tami Bar-Lev

Studio: Olga Kholodova

House Model and Chef: Ran Bruner