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There is nothing like the smell of the ocean and it’s rejuvenating breeze.
Salty air,  endless true blue and a sense of freedom. Every season has it’s own unique magic:
Dramatic stormy and mysterious In the winter, and  sunlight sparkles upon the easy waves at summer time.
Inspires you to create a look that suites the ocean blue pallet and a windy atmosphere.


Imagine a warm summer breeze, clear blue sky and open fields all around.
It’s a free spirit countryside mood. Cotton fields surrounding with Daisy flowers and white-yellow color pallets.
Perfect for summer weddings with a romantic effortless look, combining braided loose hair and lacy elements.


A glamorous fantasy of chic.
Sweet little jaw dropping details for the most stylish girls around. In L.A. or in NYC, this is good-old Rockstar
state of mind; Breakfast in bead, coffee at noon with oversize sunglasses, champagne and room-service wearing a robe.
for girls that know how to party in style.


Pure love of blooming flowers. many different styles and color palettes to use.
A minimalist clean white floral design or a cheerful  bright colored arrangement.
You can choose the basic flower crowns – angelic and earthly,or a more sophisticated flower headpiece
that will never wither. Designed to embellish and emphasize your flower child personality with chic and style.


For the gypsy life lovers; Road trips and spontaneous traveling in the country side.
Woodstock vibes with folk songs and a tambourine jingle. Tipi tents and dream catchers, a picnic in the woods
and a go-with-the -flow ambiance. Maybe hitchhike to your own wedding!
perfect inspo for an outdoor event.  A lot of lace detailing with loose and airy silhouettes.